Java Pathfinder Workshop 2016
Satellite Workshop with FSE 2016
Seattle, WA, USA
November 2016



The goal of the workshop is to highlight research and tools for Java/Android program verification and analysis. Although there is a particular emphasis on the Java Pathfinder (JPF) tool, and on projects that use JPF to support basic research, tool development, or verification case studies, the workshop also welcomes contributions related to general program analysis of Java/Android programs. The hope is to use the workshop to grow the community of researchers investigating Java, Android, and JPF in an effort to foster collaboration and define future needs for Java program analysis.


We solicit regular paper submissions on existing research and applications related to JPF or its extensions. If the underlying research idea has been published in another venue the paper needs to clarify the novel aspects that are being presented in the paper. We also solicit extended abstracts submissions on recent work or work in progress. We welcome comparative analysis papers that evaluate algorithms in JPF or its extensions with other relevant tools. The goal of the workshop is to encourage the flow of ideas relevant to JPF and Java/Android program analysis in general. The papers should be in the ACM SIG Proceedings format.

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Topics of interest:


We invite practitioners, academics, and students who are interested in Java development, automated program analysis, and other aspects of software engineering research to attend the workshop. Submitting a paper is not required to participate, enjoy, and learn about JPF.


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