JPF Workshop

The JPF workshop is an annual conference for the presentation of existing research, applications, work in progress, and position papers on topics related to JPF or its extensions. The 2016 JPF workshop will be held in conjunction with the FSE 2016 conference in Seattle, WA, on November 18, 2016.

Reimbursement Information for Students

This year, we are providing stipend for students who are going to present their work at JPF Workshop. Please note that the fund is limited, it can provide partial support, and the amount depends on the number of student applicants.

To apply, please send an email to <nastaran.shafiei [at]>. The email should include your name, expenses towards attending the workshop, and the title of the paper to be presented at JPF Workshop 2016.


2016 JPF workshop in Seattle, WA.

2015 JPF workshop in Lincoln, NE.

2014 JPF workshop in Salt Lake City, UT.

2013 JPF Workshop in Palo Alto, CA.

2012 JPF Workshop in Cary, NC.

2011 JPF Workshop in Lawrence, KS.

2008 JPF Workshop in Sunnyvale, CA.